Managed Detection Response

Managed Security Services

Cyber attacks are getting more complex, causing business owners to face increased security threats. These attacks range from data breaches, internal network attacks, and ransomware threats as well.

With an improving cyber aspect, companies are facing more complicated threats. The attacks are occurring at a higher rate and the destruction caused by them is endless. From data gaps to insider threats and malware, the list is full. That’s why companies see themselves looking for little knowledge without the right gear and information at their service. As a result, these companies become martyrs to recurring attacks, costing them a huge loss in revenue and reputation.

Our Managed Security Services provide a precise approach to handling the security needs of a company. The duties of an MSS include accurate monitoring and managing of attack detection systems and firewalls, conducting security tests and audits, and dealing with emergency situations. This helps to relieve the burden of doing these tasks manually, which is considerable, but away from administrators allowing them to designate their focus, it is important.

Managed Assessment


The CyberKSA Managed Assessment is an excellent, industry leading solution for all of your data and systems – we isolate any potential vulnerabilities to prevent possible attacks, and then continue to regularly provide you reports of any cyber exposures. We adapt to the needs and environment of all of our clients, and provide unique reports for each business.


Managed Detection & Response


With a managed detection and response, you can simplify security and risk with regular, value-driven monitoring, and threat intelligence backed by global expertise. From vital systems such as the Cloud, or hybrid IT environments, we provide rapid detection that’s one of a kind in the industry – based on your needs, with a convenient subscription