Cyber Discovery

Attack Surface Management and Dark Web Monitoring

Cyber Discovery leverages OSINT and our award-winning AI technology to illuminate attack surface and Dark Web exposure of a company. The non-intrusive and production-safe discovery is a perfect fit both for continuous self-assessment and vendor risk scoring to prevent supply chain attacks.

One Dashboard. All Needs.

Attack Surface Management

Detect, map and classify your
on-prem and cloud IT assets

Continuous Security Monitoring

Detect misconfigured or
vulnerable IT assets

Vendor Risk Scoring

Discover insecure third parties
that process your data

Dark Web Monitoring

Detect stolen data and credentials,

and compromised systems

Brand Protection

Detect online misuse of your brand
and take down phishing websites

How it works

Just enter a company name

See what hackers see

See what hackers do

Everything Visible. Everything Secure.

Compliance, Security and Vendor Risk Management

Simplify Compliance

Meet visibility, inventory & security
monitoring requirements

Prevent Data Breaches

Get instant alerts on vulnerable
or misconfigured IT assets

Outpace Cybercriminals

Respond without delay to security
incidents, data leaks or phishing

Cut Operational Costs

Get a helicopter view of your assets for
risk-based pentesting and patching

Minimize Human Risk

Receive instant alerts on shadow IT,
abandoned or forgotten assets

Prevent Supply Chain Attacks

Perform in-depth security scoring of your
vendors and suppliers

Threat Intelligence and Dark Web Monitoring

Trusted by 1,000+ Global Customers

ImmuniWeb is an invaluable tool for iPresent with both automated and manual penetration testing. The fantastic manual testing has found even the most hidden and complicated bugs in our security and ImmuniWeb has delivered first class knowledge. The self-service interface also gives us great control to schedule and monitor tests when we need them
Neil Bostrom
Chief Technical Officer

Why Choosing ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

Feel the difference. Get the results.

Reduce Your Costs

Up to 90% of operational
costs reduction

Accelerate Your Processes

Up to x5 faster threat detection
and remediation

Simplify Your Workflow

1 platform for 20 synergized
use cases

Frequently Asked Questions

The default subscription length is one year, please reach out to us may you need another duration. For a large number of licenses, which may be used for M&A due diligence or similar purposes, we may also provide one-time discovery per each company.
There is no hard limit for the number of IT on-premise and cloud assets or security incidents per company, please reach out to us for a quote. If you have several interrelated brands or companies, you may have one subscription but separate dashboards at no additional cost. Each subscription has an unlimited number of users with granular permissions to access specific sections of your dashboard(s).

No, we normally detect 99.9% of externally visible and accessible IT assets located both on premises or in a cloud by using a wide spectrum of OSINT-based methodologies, network reconnaissance, and our proprietary sets of Big Data. To start a Discovery project, just enter a company name: your interactive dashboard will be ready within 3 days. While your subscription is active, we will continuously monitor your external attack surface for any changes and automatically add new IT assets at no additional cost.

Yes, once your dashboard is active, you can add your on-premise and cloud assets manually for continuous security monitoring. You can also use our one-click functionality to import your assets from Excel file and automatically classify them by groups.

You can automatically classify your assets and incidents based on their properties, history or nature. Eventually, all newly discovered assets or incidents will be automatically placed into a specific group, as well as any assets or incidents with updates. You can setup a granular notifications per user, per tab and per group, ensuring that all relevant people on your side will be getting actionable alerts in a timely manner without any noise.