About us

About Us

We are Saudi Cybersecurity Company established in 2014 with influential and versatile plans of action to the core of cybersecurity. Located in Saudi Arabia, our company has a substantial approach to cybersecurity expertise, assisting companies and business organizations in protecting their valuable information. We help you expand your business without any security threats to work safely across the globe.

We propose cybersecurity services and products that can help to improve and strengthen your cybersecurity system against internal and external threats.

Hackers and malicious actors are in search of new methods to jeopardize your network and data. In this evolving era of digital threats, it has become more necessary to keep your organization secure. Without a proper security system, business owners can lose important information.

Our company’s extensive experience and capabilities to keep you protected is to provide mental satisfaction to organizations willing to increase their safety.

We offer an individual and dynamic plan for your cyber protection, combined with integrated technologies, a team of security analysts, ethical hackers, and experts. With our strategies, your organization will stay protected from potential intrusions and digital threats.

Our ingenious action plan, accompanied by artificial intelligence technology, empowers businesses to stand against cyber threats and implement cybersecurity measures through practical monitoring and identification of potential threats by demonstrated ethical hacking services and assistance.

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Certifications Held by CyberKSA vCISO Consultants